The Natural Brilliance Model of Paul Scheele

A Clear Path in the Forest As a Metaphor for Achieving Your Goals

A Clear Path in the Forest As a Metaphor for Achieving Your Goals

Yesterday, I wrote about Robert Fritz’s Path of Least Resistance, the technique that was the most efficient at making big changes in my life and resulting in achieving big goals. Today, I continue with another general model which is excellent at achieving medium-to-large goals, and which is more intuitive and straightforward to learn and to use.

This model is the Natural Brilliance model, and it was developed and marketed by Paul Scheele and his company, Learning Strategies Corporation. This company has many excellent self-development products, which I will do a review on soon.

Many of these products including the Natural Brilliance model itself have strong roots into the Neuro-Linguistic Programming movement, and also use the paraliminal technology, which is related to self-hypnosis and which consists of pleasant recordings where the left and right ears hear different sounds and messages.

My goal here is to explain the Natural Brilliance model in a few words, so you can immediately apply it to your life.

The Natural Brilliance Model

To begin, let’s imagine that you have a goal. Please choose one goal right away before continuing with reading, so you can apply the model immediately. Choose a relatively small goal, definitely not one that would give you fears and anxieties before getting started. Also, try to choose a goal that is S.M.A.R.T., i.e. specific, measurable, action-orientated, realistic and timely.

The Natural Brilliance consists in 4 simple steps:

1. Release

2. Notice

3. Respond

4. Witness

With this model, you achieve your goal by repeating cycle after cycle of these steps in the correct order, until completion. Let’s go over the steps:

1. Release

With this step, you simply relax while thinking of your goal.

So many people don’t know how to relax, or how to relax quickly! This is a big topic in of itself, with so many excellent strategies. Here, I will only mention a super quick technique for relaxation that Paul Scheele often uses in his materials:

Just stay still and take a deep breath. Next, imagine in your mind’s eye a beautiful flower, and count down slowly from 5 to 1 imagining yourself completely refreshed and relaxed at the count of one. Very simple, yet also very effective!

As an Effective Way to Relax, Use the Power of Your Imagination to Picture a Pleasant Scene in Your Mind, e.g. a Flower

As an Effective Way to Relax, Use the Power of Your Imagination to Picture a Pleasant Scene in Your Mind, e.g. a Flower

2. Notice

Now that you are well-relaxed, you notice where you are with respect to achieving your goal. What is there to do? Imagine what your plan is for what to do with reaching your goal. Don’t get lost in the details. Instead, go with your intuition: tell yourself that your first plan is the right one, and if not, no problem, you’ll readjust course soon enough.

Notice Where You Are in Realizing Your Goal With All Your Senses Including Your Mind's Eye

Notice Where You Are in Realizing Your Goal With All Your Senses Including Your Mind’s Eye

3. Respond

Now that you have a plan for what to do, you just do it! From this state of total relaxation that you just created, and armed with your plan, you’ve got the energy and enthusiasm to jump to the task.

However, don’t get carried over by the task. As soon as your intuition sends you some signals, e.g. that you’re done, or that you should check whether you’re going in the right direction, it’s time to stop and go to the next step.

Respond With Purposeful Direct Enthusiastic Committed Action!

Respond With Purposeful Direct Enthusiastic Committed Action!

4. Witness

You’ve just done a bit of work, and now it’s time that you take a cold hard look at the reality, just as in The Path of Least Resistance: What were the results of your actions? Did it move you closer to your goal? Goal complete? Or not at all, wrong direction? Then you repeat the cycle going back to step 1! Whatever the results of your actions, you go back to relax telling yourself you did the best that you could in this cycle, and that next time will be even better.

Examine the Results of Your Actions Under the Precision of the Microscope!

Examine the Results of Your Actions Under the Precision of the Microscope!

The Benefits

This is a very simple model, easy to learn, very sensible.

Just as with the Path of Least Resistance, a central idea behind self-growth models is to help with removing stuck states and oscillation states.

Like everyone else, you want to move from current negatives to future positives, without getting stuck in future negatives, nor losing your current positives. To help you with that, the model has only one action step, but two observation steps, one before and one after the action, and one relaxation step to restart the cycle.

Surely it does not move you ahead as fast as a model that pushes you with the motto “action – action – action !”, but instead it’s a cautious model that puts the emphasis on your intelligence to get you where you want to go.

For all its simplicity, you’ll appreciate its power and its elegance.

The Challenges

The main challenges are with accepting and following the model. A great piece of advice is to trust the model, and learn it so well that it becomes second nature.

  • Follow one step at a time, with a clear start and finish, and stay aware of where you are in the process. In other words, don’t mix them all up and do several at the same time!
  • Don’t get stuck at any step. Once you’ve spent the average time you normally allow for one step, which varies of course with the type of goal, then it’s time to move to the next step.
  • Are there steps that are particularly difficult for you? Is it relaxation, making a plan, taking action, or completion and being in touch with reality?


In the late 90s, I had a big personal need for self-help resources, and the passive kind consisting of listening to recordings was an important part of my self-care or therapy: I had, and still have, most of Paul Scheele’s paraliminal tapes and CDs, and those of his collaborators, such as the hypnotist Paul McKenna. Although I don’t have a personal need for them anymore, I strongly recommend this type of product to people in need for them.

The whole Natural Brilliance program can be found here; the book can be bought separately, while the full program is available digitally or as CDs/DVDs.


The Natural Brilliance model is a powerful model to help you structure your time so that you achieve more and enjoy more the process itself, as well as understand it better.

If you’ve never experienced paraliminal technology before, I urge you to try it. There are some excellent ones on YouTube.

As always, your comments and suggestions are much welcome.

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10 Responses to The Natural Brilliance Model of Paul Scheele

  1. Adyns68 says:

    I’m so glad I found your post!

    I really have hard time relaxing, focusing and I thought taking yoga classes will help me. Yes I got lots of benefits with yoga but I didn’t not the impact I was expecting. After reading your post I think Paul scheele’s teaching can help me. 

    I hope this will help me, which one will you advise me to get as a starter?


    • Phil says:

      I would need more information before making any recommendation. Are you able to use yoga for relaxation? What are you having difficulty focusing on, and how is that impacting your life?

  2. RoDarrick says:

    This is such an interesting topic and to be honest, this is the first time I’m hearing about the natural brilliance but its presentation on this post has made me very curious about it in order to experience such peace of mind while figuring out things out. I must surely check this paraliminal technology out on YouTube. I will definitely come back here to share my experience of this natural brilliance model.

  3. Babsie Wagner says:

    It’s all about the mind’s eye, right?  It’s about our mind, what we think about, how we think about it.  I like the first part of the steps, relax.  How many of us could use that advice?  We really have no idea how to do that most of the time.  I think that thinking and relaxing are key.  It’s like putting yourself in a good place to be able to focus on your goals and really open up your mind to possibilities.  It’s all so interesting.  People often ignore the importance of their mindset to their success.

  4. Henderson says:

    Wow Phil, I must confess, this is the best I’ve seen today. Thank you so much for this post, it has really enlightened me. I like how you have highlighted the steps to take when trying out this model. Goals are a really hard thing for people and for me I think the relaxation part is really where I need to get it all right. This is also the first model I’m seeing that is telling people concisely about its challenges. I will most definitely work on the natural brilliance model. Thanks again and regards.

    • Phil says:

      Hello Henderson,

      Glad this was helpful for you. Please come back to tell us about how you’re progressing with it!

  5. DorcasW says:

    Hello; The Natural Brilliance Moel has sad something that I was to busy to notice before yet they are so important going forward. I am sure that those who observe and practice the model will not have a reason for regret. They are so straightforward and should be easy to follow. I sure will be practising them shortly.


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