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Online Piano Lessons for Adults: Year 4 (Part 6/6)

This is not a beginners course. Refer to Year 3 or the earlier lessons that started here.

The challenges of preparing the pieces for a concert led to a very long gap before returning for a next lesson.

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Advanced Piano Lessons Online: Year 3 (Part 5/6)

Here I continue my advanced piano lessons online with year 3. Please refer to earlier lessons as needed, starting here. The lessons were 90 minutes long.

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Intermediate Piano Lessons: Year 2 (Part 4/6)

Here I detail my second year of intermediate piano lessons. For the first year, start here.

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Creative Piano Teaching: Months 6 to 12 (Part 3/6)

This is the third article presenting my piano lessons over 4 years, please start with the first article. With many new pieces introduced in the last lessons, there are no new pieces before lesson 20.

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Creative Piano Techniques: The Next 4 Months (Part 2/6)

Here, I’m continuing the presentation of my piano lessons with the next 3 months, refer here to the first article.

Of course, this is quite a lot of material to learn, it is quite technical at times, and it’s something to be digested over the course of months. On a first read, you might only get to appreciate the nice music selection!

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Creative Piano Lessons: First Month from My Actual Syllabus Over 4 Years (Part 1/6)

In this article, I want to start to spell out the materials I covered over the past 4 years of creative piano lessons, starting from being a nearly complete beginner to reaching an intermediate level, and most importantly touching many genres of music, especially jazz and pop, but also classical and improvisation, and all the way to some heavy metal. I’ll only get to the first month here, but it already provides a lot of material for getting started!

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