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Work Motivation Theory

Your Professional Activity… What is it Motivated by?

Enthusiasm, an emotion of joy and glee, can be fed or can dwindle like a straw fire, proportionally to the motivation to act in general. To be motivated to work, the action of doing this work must produce emotions. Fear, envy, amazement and gratitude are four main emotions which act on our work motivation.

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Gratefulness Exercises

The Gratefulness Exercises proposed in this article form the beginning towards a better understanding of a gratefulness practice.

They are useful to take us back, like a boomerang effect, to a starting point that allows us to experience a better integration of this gratefulness practice.

Thanks to the gratefulness exercises, we become more conscious of the Game of Life, which we can also look at as a Game of Give and Take. Read More

Transforming The Most Common Negative Moods

Welcome to the world of people, who from a bit of curiosity, or at the other end of the spectrum, because of an ultimatum, have made the decision to walk the first steps towards a less mistaken mode of perceiving… for a more balanced stress response!

From our negative moods as a starting point, our ability to transform unpleasant emotions into pleasant emotions requires a well-developed emotional intelligence (EI), and fortunately, it can be acquired! Read More

What Are Your Stress Symptoms Signs?

Fight or Flee the Tiger (Unless One Just Freezes)

Fight or Flee the Tiger (Unless One Just Freezes)

STRESS, at an excessive level, poisons our lives, in the proper and figurative meanings:

Not only does it make life unpleasant, it sickens people.

According to Dr Hebert Benson, of the Harvard University Mind/Body Medical Institute, approximately 80% of medical consultations are related to stress, one way or another, as well as 60% to 80% of work injuries, according to the American Institute of Stress.

Keep reading to learn about your stress symptoms signs!

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What is Mindful Breathing? [3 Powerful Exercises]



The short answer, to what is mindful breathing, is that mindful breathing is the starting point for inspiration and creativity!

Are you looking for more energy and intensity during your activities, or looking for deeper sleep, or to regain quickly a state of great calm during a stressful situation?

We will present you here with a brief overview of what is mindful breathing, with mindful breathing techniques for rest, for calmness, and for stimulation.

Training with Powerful Consciousness allows a higher level of self-mastery. Read More