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Image Streaming: Best Way to Boost Your Creativity [2 Videos]

Creativity: a watercolor representing your mental imagery

Creativity: a watercolor representing your mental imagery

I am very keen on recommending Image Streaming to you. First of all, it is a simple technique, explained here, and it is free. I know of no other technique that could have such a quick and lasting impact on your creativity.

We all agree that there are many types of intelligences: number, language, musical, kinesthetic, etc., and that we each come with our specific dosage of each type of intelligence.

But how much we have of each can be increased, and this technique CAN help you increase them, if that is something important to you. Too few scientific studies have been conducted on Image Streaming to put a number behind how much IQ points increase, but if you really want a number, maybe you could look at an increase of 10 to 20 IQ points on average. Read More