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Creative Dance Exercises: 5 Rhythms and More [2 Videos]

Dance Improvisation To Music

Dance Improvisation To Music

Creative dance exercises are very good for you. Did you know?

Many people live far too much in their heads. Our bodies are much more than vehicles for our thoughts. For proper oxygenation of all parts of our bodies, we need to move.

Some forms of physical exercise are quite repetitive, like running or lifting weights, two popular forms of exercise which only train a few muscles and neglect all the others, with the effect that the adepts are so often injured and in pain.

Instead, I much prefer activities that are more creative, and wholesome, which use all of our muscles, and our brains too at the same time. So here you will find several leads to get you started with including in your schedule on a regular basis some creative dance exercises for yourself and your well-being. Read More

Figure Skating Dance: The First 5 Standard Dances [5 Videos]

Figure Skating Dance is a very healthy, exciting and wholesome form of exercise that requires you to be Powerfully Conscious at every step.

Strong with passing my first 8 figure skating tests last week, I felt confident yesterday morning about making a first attempt at recording our first 5 ice figure skating dances.

We use these dances as a warm-up before practicing more advanced dances. In this article, I will give you an introduction to figure skating dance and to the first 5 standard ice dances.

First, let me present you Lynn, my wonderful girlfriend and coach:

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Dance for Wellbeing: Improvisation and Experimentation

Tango: Partner Dance

Tango: Partner Dance

Here is another wonderful activity: dance for wellbeing. In this article, if you are not already a dancer, and even if you are, I want to encourage you with getting started and keeping going.

By telling my story, I hope to convey the message that through a process of improvisation and experimentation, you can discover what form of dance for wellbeing to pursue for yourself.  

You’ll agree: Many people love to dance.

It is a very natural human activity.

It gives them joy, companionship, fitness and much else.

However, some people are very disconnected from their bodies and they have accumulated negative experiences that put them in inhibited states where trying new things becomes very difficult.

They have a long list of excuses for not even trying.

But we all have bodies and using them is extremely important for good health.

Maybe there are many ways of using one’s body to oxygenate all your cells, but dance comes on top as the most fun and complete form of physical exercise. Hence, that’s why I strongly recommend you to improvise and experiment towards finding a form of dance for wellbeing. Read More

Partner Ice Dance Figure Skating for Adult Men and Women

Lyne and Philippe on the ice rink of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Lyne and Philippe on the ice rink of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Partner ice dance figure skating is a wholesome form of exercise for the mind and the body, and is very learnable by adults, with a sustained effort.

Figure skating is commonly seen as a sport full of jumps and spins, for preteen girls, that only a few with extraordinary talent pursue beyond their teens. And the initial push and enthusiasm end for all of them, except for those competing for the Olympics, or those who become professional coaches.

However, here I am presenting a totally different perspective: it is also an excellent sport for adults, especially for men, and especially once you reach a level where you can start skating with a partner, and when you can make it become for you ice dance figure skating. 

My Story

I’m 48 years old and over the last 2 Saturdays, I passed my first 8 tests in figure skating. 

On the one hand, it went really well, I passed 5 of the 8 tests with honors. 

On the other hand, it’s not easy to go through the process of being evaluated as an adult.

These tests were the culmination of considerable sustained efforts, and I’m proud and happy of my accomplishment.

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