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Acroyoga Poses for Beginners [17 Videos]

Acroyoga Reverse Shoulder Stand

Acroyoga Reverse Shoulder Stand

In our recent article, we presented an introduction to acroyoga, emphasizing its awesome benefits. Here we begin the practical side of learning acroyoga, by demonstrating the easiest acroyoga poses for beginners that are the most accessible. Besides our own videos, we also include links to some of the best acroyoga training available on the Internet, when relevant.

The videos are organized in progressive order of difficulty. It is very important that both partners have warmed up and stretched beforehand to avoid injuries. Read More

Acroyoga for Beginners: a Pathway for Powerful Consciousness [Video]

Acroyoga Bird Variation

Today, we want to tell you about a wonderful form of whole body and whole mind exercise: Acroyoga for beginners. Here we emphasize that this is not the acroyoga of circus performers with unbelievable strength and flexibility, but instead some activity that could well be accessible to you.

Our main sport is figure skating on ice. It is an amazing discipline for living in the moment and being extremely aware. Otherwise one falls, and for adults, falling on the ice is not good at all! Unfortunately, this discipline is rather inaccessible to the large majority of people. Great for you if you can happily skate all your soul! We’d love to hear about it.

On the other hand, we discovered that acroyoga for beginners offers many of the same benefits of figure skating. Here we will tell you about how we progressed over the past 4 months, and hopefully convince you to give it a good try!  Read More