Gratefulness Exercises

The Gratefulness Exercises proposed in this article form the beginning towards a better understanding of a gratefulness practice.

They are useful to take us back, like a boomerang effect, to a starting point that allows us to experience a better integration of this gratefulness practice.

Thanks to the gratefulness exercises, we become more conscious of the Game of Life, which we can also look at as a Game of Give and Take.

According to Wiktionary: 

Gratefulness: Acknowledgment of goodwill, of receiving a service.

Ungratefulness: Lack of recognition for a service received.

Resentment: Painful memory kept of slights and injuries, with a desire for revenge.

We will get back to it later in this article!

According to You:

Is “Life” good towards You?

Are you good towards Life?

Let’s start from the principle that “Life” is everything that is living, i.e. yourself and all the Others (living beings).

Our first two questions could be replaced by the next three:

Are you good towards yourself?

Are you good towards others?

Are others good towards you?

Proposed Gratefulness Exercices:

  1. The first exercise consists in being conscious of the possibility for yourself to feel gratefulness, or not, towards one or all of the living beings found in the answers to the above questions.
  2. In the second exercise, you will return to each of the above questions and add the word “How” to each, and to answer the questions with relevant examples from your life: How are you good towards yourself? How are you good towards others? How are others good towards you?
  3. For the third exercise, choose, with respect to the answers to the various questions, which word below best describes how you feel most often in front of the slings and arrows of fortune, i.e. “Life”. Do you feel:
    A) Gratefulness?
    B) Ungratefulness?
    C) Resentment?

According to us: 

We would like to let you know our general observation and/or recommandation, without judgment: This is our way to thank you! According to the choice you made in exercise #3:

If you chose A) Gratefulness…

Then it seems you already found, or are close to finding, that abundance always exists on humankind’s path, no matter what. That this Abundance is called to manifest itself “through all that is living” and that your ability to believe in it and imagine it is sufficiently large to attract it to your life. Your perception about it allows you to adopt an attitude (thoughts, speech, actions) that are favorable to being recognizant of goodwill, or a service received, and we can hope, towards yourself just as well as towards others.

You simply need to keep thanking Life through your thoughts, words and gestures filled with gratefulness and kindness.

If you chose B) Ungratefulness…

Then it would seem that you are ready, or close, to accept the fact that there is some kind of lack of gratefulness from yourself towards Life. In this case, you are in a better position to understand the rules of the Game of Life, an expression used earlier in this article, and which can be summarized as: Everything that you sow, you will harvest, meaning that what someone gives in words or actions will be returned; what he’ll give, he’ll receive: Give and Take.

You then just need to sow a bit more of what you would like to harvest and learn to thank Life before even seeing the first signs of growth. It’s this faith well felt in this “Creative force” which makes all the difference.

Finally, if you chose C) Resentment…

Then it seems that you are taken by a feeling that keeps you from being in peace with yourself, or even that you are close to being freed thanks to a new awareness. Please know that the latter could happen by a dedicated practice of the gratefulness exercises in this article.

This could constitute the antidote to your resentment feeling. 

All roads lead to Rome.. thus if you are going to follow ours, please know that you ought to include actively your conscious will to free yourself from this resentment feeling, and also to include your heart so as to transform this bitterness/resentment into compassion.

This compassion, which you will develop towards youself and others, will let you calm and neutralize the painful memories kept of past injuries coming from a distress.

Compassion : A feeling that makes us share the suffering of another, by intuition or cognition of this suffering.


Life takes us sometimes to surprising places… Compassion takes us back to the right place, without fail.. and Gratefulness allows us to appreciate this place, within ourselves.

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14 Responses to Gratefulness Exercises

  1. Michel says:

    Being grateful for the things you have in your life is very important when it comes to being happy. Sometimes, instead of wanting more and more, it is good to step back and see what you do have in your life.  When you realize how lucky you actually are you will feel more content. 

    Thank you for a most enlightening article that helps us all to take a deeper look inside ourselves. 

    • Lyne says:

      Right on Michel!
      Thank you for showing your appreciation, using the word enlightening to qualify my article…it shines from the reflection of the light within you!!
      Wish you more and more light and hapiness!!!

  2. Ben says:

    Great article that is extremely thought provoking and insightful into how our minds work. I try to follow pathway 1, gratefulness, however sometimes it is easy to slip into stages of ungratefulness or resentment. This article is a great reminder to take each challenge as it comes and always look to improve your attitude. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lyne says:

      Thank you Ben for qualifying my article as a great reminder, for taking each challenge as it comes (your words)!
      Yes… One at a time and with the good intention to follow pathway 1, we get a nice feeling of satisfaction!!
      Keep on practicing!!!

  3. Trevor M says:

    Wow what a wonderful way to exercise. Be mindful and grateful. My question for you is there is a lot of iwonderful information on your site. Do you have any experience with finding your “CHI” or work with energy. Being grateful in your life is a must and kids these days are anything but. Everyone is glued to their screens and aren’t very grateful for anything. I want to say thank you for bringing all of this to the table. P.S. I am really interested in People’s energy and was wondering if you had any links on your page relating to “CHI” and energy thank you.

    • Lyne says:

      Not yet Trevor… But I will send you such article of mine through your e-mail address as soon as I finish writing it down!
      Thank you for reading me and thank you also for that CHI article request of yours!!
      To be followed!!!

  4. Charles says:

    Thank you! I used to do gratefulness exercises. There was one called POET. One Person, Opportunity, Experience and Thing you’re grateful for. Other times just a list of anything. I am grateful I don’t drink or smoke. I’m grateful for my home gym and my workout routine going so well. I’m grateful my shoulders and knees and elbows and neck and… everything have got better. I’m grateful for my lap top this thing has lasted forever. I just re-purposed a TV in my new desk office setup and I’m grateful to have had that. I’m greatful I can type without pain. I’m grateful for my Chrome Extensions that help me a lot. Good article! 

  5. Kevin And Jade says:

    I’m currently working on wrapping my life up in gratitude. 

    Most of the time, I’m grateful but sometimes, I trip up and end up focussing on the negative rather than the positive, the things that I can have but don’t instead of the things that I do have, the events that go wrong rather than those that go right. It’s a constant battle since I have a propensity to bitterness and resentment.

    Thank you for this post. I now have a more concrete plan to being more grateful.

    • Lyne says:

      Well, thank YOU for reading! It warmed my heart when I read my post had brought you a more concrete plan to being more grateful!

  6. Abayomi says:

    What a powerful article, gratefulness exercise, in life everybody reaps what he/she planted, that is the principle of life, We need to be kind to people in order to get such back,Compassion takes us back to the right place, without fail.. and Gratefulness allows us to appreciate this place, within ourselves,what an excellent write-up, I agree with your words.thank you for sharing this excellent article.

  7. Jordan Smith says:

    This article is useful and amazing practice on gratitude, am a psychology student and i just come accross to Gratitude Therapy and this is how i find your article, its really worth sharing. I came across an article sometimes ago, on influence of social media on people. One of the point I found is that it makes people less grateful; could this statement be through? I will be glad if you can help throw more light on this, if yes is the answer. Thank you.

    • Lyne says:

      Thank you Jordan for asking…and my answer is…it depends!
      While successful bloggers, viloggers and electronic business people are very grateful for the existence of social media, other people get to the point where they are ruining their own reputation through using social media platforms!

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