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Gratefulness Exercises

The Gratefulness Exercises proposed in this article form the beginning towards a better understanding of a gratefulness practice.

They are useful to take us back, like a boomerang effect, to a starting point that allows us to experience a better integration of this gratefulness practice.

Thanks to the gratefulness exercises, we become more conscious of the Game of Life, which we can also look at as a Game of Give and Take. Read More

The Natural Brilliance Model of Paul Scheele

A Clear Path in the Forest As a Metaphor for Achieving Your Goals

A Clear Path in the Forest As a Metaphor for Achieving Your Goals

Yesterday, I wrote about Robert Fritz’s Path of Least Resistance, the technique that was the most efficient at making big changes in my life and resulting in achieving big goals. Today, I continue with another general model which is excellent at achieving medium-to-large goals, and which is more intuitive and straightforward to learn and to use.

This model is the Natural Brilliance model, and it was developed and marketed by Paul Scheele and his company, Learning Strategies Corporation. This company has many excellent self-development products, which I will do a review on soon.

Many of these products including the Natural Brilliance model itself have strong roots into the Neuro-Linguistic Programming movement, and also use the paraliminal technology, which is related to self-hypnosis and which consists of pleasant recordings where the left and right ears hear different sounds and messages.

My goal here is to explain the Natural Brilliance model in a few words, so you can immediately apply it to your life. Read More

Robert Fritz: The Path of Least Resistance and Getting What You Want

A Waterfall in Iceland as a Metaphor for The Path of Least Resistance

A Waterfall in Iceland as a Metaphor for The Path of Least Resistance

Is there one thing that you really want in your life, that just keeps seeming out of reach? Or are you already pretty good as a creator, but would like to understand better how that happened and how to keep being good at it?

Here I want to tell you about an amazing method for getting what you want, explained in the works of Robert Fritz, especially in his first book, The Path of Least Resistance.

The “Path of least resistance” is a familiar metaphor for how the world works, following the easiest path: whether it’s us lazy humans that just keep doing what we’ve always done, or inanimate things that fall along a straight line under the pull of gravity.

Robert Fritz’s “discovery” consisted in an especially clear understanding and aptitude to explain it to others, of how to harness this natural physical force.

Here’s how this simple idea of the path of least resistance can really transform your life into one that is single-guided towards achieving what you really want: it’s by building structures in your life that are such that by being your lazy self, you can do no other than create the results that you want. Read More

Acroyoga Poses for Beginners [17 Videos]

Acroyoga Reverse Shoulder Stand

Acroyoga Reverse Shoulder Stand

In our recent article, we presented an introduction to acroyoga, emphasizing its awesome benefits. Here we begin the practical side of learning acroyoga, by demonstrating the easiest acroyoga poses for beginners that are the most accessible. Besides our own videos, we also include links to some of the best acroyoga training available on the Internet, when relevant.

The videos are organized in progressive order of difficulty. It is very important that both partners have warmed up and stretched beforehand to avoid injuries. Read More

Transforming The Most Common Negative Moods

Welcome to the world of people, who from a bit of curiosity, or at the other end of the spectrum, because of an ultimatum, have made the decision to walk the first steps towards a less mistaken mode of perceiving… for a more balanced stress response!

From our negative moods as a starting point, our ability to transform unpleasant emotions into pleasant emotions requires a well-developed emotional intelligence (EI), and fortunately, it can be acquired! Read More

Figure Skating Dance: The First 5 Standard Dances [5 Videos]

Figure Skating Dance is a very healthy, exciting and wholesome form of exercise that requires you to be Powerfully Conscious at every step.

Strong with passing my first 8 figure skating tests last week, I felt confident yesterday morning about making a first attempt at recording our first 5 ice figure skating dances.

We use these dances as a warm-up before practicing more advanced dances. In this article, I will give you an introduction to figure skating dance and to the first 5 standard ice dances.

First, let me present you Lynn, my wonderful girlfriend and coach:

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The 5 Tibetan Rites: the Best Morning Exercise Routine [9 Videos]

Doing the 5 Tibetan Morning Routine at all and then on a regular basis did not come to me easily, I must admit.

But the 5 Tibetan Rites form the best morning exercise routine that I know of, better than Yogic Sun Salutations in my opinion.

I have to thank my girlfriend Lyne for her persistence and encouragements, so that I can tell you about this wonderful way of becoming more alert in the morning and throughout the day. 

Perhaps you have already heard about it and have your own experience with it. In any event, I’d be very happy to hear from you about how it is working for you, if you want to leave a comment below. 

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Partner Ice Dance Figure Skating for Adult Men and Women

Lyne and Philippe on the ice rink of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Lyne and Philippe on the ice rink of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Partner ice dance figure skating is a wholesome form of exercise for the mind and the body, and is very learnable by adults, with a sustained effort.

Figure skating is commonly seen as a sport full of jumps and spins, for preteen girls, that only a few with extraordinary talent pursue beyond their teens. And the initial push and enthusiasm end for all of them, except for those competing for the Olympics, or those who become professional coaches.

However, here I am presenting a totally different perspective: it is also an excellent sport for adults, especially for men, and especially once you reach a level where you can start skating with a partner, and when you can make it become for you ice dance figure skating. 

My Story

I’m 48 years old and over the last 2 Saturdays, I passed my first 8 tests in figure skating. 

On the one hand, it went really well, I passed 5 of the 8 tests with honors. 

On the other hand, it’s not easy to go through the process of being evaluated as an adult.

These tests were the culmination of considerable sustained efforts, and I’m proud and happy of my accomplishment.

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Acroyoga for Beginners: a Pathway for Powerful Consciousness [Video]

Acroyoga Bird Variation

Today, we want to tell you about a wonderful form of whole body and whole mind exercise: Acroyoga for beginners. Here we emphasize that this is not the acroyoga of circus performers with unbelievable strength and flexibility, but instead some activity that could well be accessible to you.

Our main sport is figure skating on ice. It is an amazing discipline for living in the moment and being extremely aware. Otherwise one falls, and for adults, falling on the ice is not good at all! Unfortunately, this discipline is rather inaccessible to the large majority of people. Great for you if you can happily skate all your soul! We’d love to hear about it.

On the other hand, we discovered that acroyoga for beginners offers many of the same benefits of figure skating. Here we will tell you about how we progressed over the past 4 months, and hopefully convince you to give it a good try!  Read More

What is Mindful Breathing? [3 Powerful Exercises]



The short answer, to what is mindful breathing, is that mindful breathing is the starting point for inspiration and creativity!

Are you looking for more energy and intensity during your activities, or looking for deeper sleep, or to regain quickly a state of great calm during a stressful situation?

We will present you here with a brief overview of what is mindful breathing, with mindful breathing techniques for rest, for calmness, and for stimulation.

Training with Powerful Consciousness allows a higher level of self-mastery. Read More