Developing Creativity in Adults: an Overview

Creativity can take many forms and shapes

Creativity can take many forms and shapes: it is all about what matters to you!

Being creative is not just for kids or special individuals with innate talents! Developing creativity in adults is very possible, and fun! It is also the starting point with improving other skills of your liking, and developing general intelligence.

By following some of our suggestions, you will also discover for yourself that your own creativity isn’t set in stone, but something that you can improve. Furthermore, developing creativity in adults is wonderful for their well-being!

Creating vs Creativity

Some of us have strong yearnings to create something of value for us through our life times.

This something of value can be many things, concepts, people, etc.: it can be relationships and children, works of art, businesses, beautiful gardens or spacious comfortable dwellings, etc.

Some of us also have strong yearnings to be creative, which is not quite the same as creating, a point that I strongly emphasize following Robert Fritz (see my forthcoming article on Creating and the Path of Least Resistance… coming soon…).

By the word creative, we mean original and unique, at least from our own perspective. Read More

What is Mindful Breathing? [3 Powerful Exercises]



The short answer, to what is mindful breathing, is that mindful breathing is the starting point for inspiration and creativity!

Are you looking for more energy and intensity during your activities, or looking for deeper sleep, or to regain quickly a state of great calm during a stressful situation?

We will present you here with a brief overview of what is mindful breathing, with mindful breathing techniques for rest, for calmness, and for stimulation.

Training with Powerful Consciousness allows a higher level of self-mastery. Read More

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Lyne and Philippe on the ice rink of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Lyne and Philippe on the ice rink of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

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