Morning Pages: Overcome Emotional Issues and Writer’s Block

The Blank Page As the Symbol for Writer's Block, and More Generally Being Stuck in Life

The Blank Page As the Symbol for Writer’s Block, and More Generally Being Stuck in Life

This article is for people who are stuck in life, with a severe loss of self-confidence or for victims of trauma, which impact their ability to be creative and to realize what they want. The Morning Pages as a tool is a powerful method for processing deeply felt emotional issues and to slowly regenerate a feeling of confidence in one’s abilities.

The paradigmatic example is that of the stuck artist who can’t produce anything anymore, because they are totally wrapped up into a Gordian knot of emotional issues. This is often called the writer’s block or the syndrome of the white page, but it applies much more generally about any important situation where someone is stuck in life, getting nowhere, without a sense of direction.

For about 2 years going back 20 years ago, I applied the Morning Pages religiously, often getting up at 4 or 5 AM to write my 3 to 5 pages of stream-of-consciousness prose. By the time I quit, I had a dozen full 200-pages notebooks. In my late twenties, I had a lot of issues for which this stream-of-consciousness approach was helpful, like unresolved anger, feelings of desperation, and indeed being very stuck in life.

If you are stuck in a very dark corner of your life, this tool could well be for you. Read More

Robert Fritz: The Path of Least Resistance and Getting What You Want

A Waterfall in Iceland as a Metaphor for The Path of Least Resistance

A Waterfall in Iceland as a Metaphor for The Path of Least Resistance

Is there one thing that you really want in your life, that just keeps seeming out of reach? Or are you already pretty good as a creator, but would like to understand better how that happened and how to keep being good at it?

Here I want to tell you about an amazing method for getting what you want, explained in the works of Robert Fritz, especially in his first book, The Path of Least Resistance.

The “Path of least resistance” is a familiar metaphor for how the world works, following the easiest path: whether it’s us lazy humans that just keep doing what we’ve always done, or inanimate things that fall along a straight line under the pull of gravity.

Robert Fritz’s “discovery” consisted in an especially clear understanding and aptitude to explain it to others, of how to harness this natural physical force.

Here’s how this simple idea of the path of least resistance can really transform your life into one that is single-guided towards achieving what you really want: it’s by building structures in your life that are such that by being your lazy self, you can do no other than create the results that you want. Read More

How to Have a Balanced Life?

Swing Ice Dance Snapshot

Swing Ice Dance Snapshot

Many want to have a balanced life, but have no idea what that would look like, let alone reaching it.

I have made a good deal of progress towards having a balanced life myself, starting from just the opposite: in my previous careers, I was a workaholic. You could call this post the “Epilogue to the Story of a Recovering Workaholic.”

I didn’t get to have a balanced life in a day: it took years to build it from the workaholic starting point of my old past. It was very much worth the effort, and I want to encourage you to find inspiration to make changes in your own life from taking a look at my example. Read More

Creative Dance Exercises: 5 Rhythms and More [2 Videos]

Dance Improvisation To Music

Dance Improvisation To Music

Creative dance exercises are very good for you. Did you know?

Many people live far too much in their heads. Our bodies are much more than vehicles for our thoughts. For proper oxygenation of all parts of our bodies, we need to move.

Some forms of physical exercise are quite repetitive, like running or lifting weights, two popular forms of exercise which only train a few muscles and neglect all the others, with the effect that the adepts are so often injured and in pain.

Instead, I much prefer activities that are more creative, and wholesome, which use all of our muscles, and our brains too at the same time. So here you will find several leads to get you started with including in your schedule on a regular basis some creative dance exercises for yourself and your well-being. Read More

Developing Creativity in Adults: an Overview

Creativity can take many forms and shapes

Creativity can take many forms and shapes: it is all about what matters to you!

Being creative is not just for kids or special individuals with innate talents! Developing creativity in adults is very possible, and fun! It is also the starting point with improving other skills of your liking, and developing general intelligence.

By following some of our suggestions, you will also discover for yourself that your own creativity isn’t set in stone, but something that you can improve. Furthermore, developing creativity in adults is wonderful for their well-being!

Creating vs Creativity

Some of us have strong yearnings to create something of value for us through our life times.

This something of value can be many things, concepts, people, etc.: it can be relationships and children, works of art, businesses, beautiful gardens or spacious comfortable dwellings, etc.

Some of us also have strong yearnings to be creative, which is not quite the same as creating, a point that I strongly emphasize following Robert Fritz (see my forthcoming article on Creating and the Path of Least Resistance… coming soon…).

By the word creative, we mean original and unique, at least from our own perspective. Read More

Image Streaming: Best Way to Boost Your Creativity [2 Videos]

Creativity: a watercolor representing your mental imagery

Creativity: a watercolor representing your mental imagery

I am very keen on recommending Image Streaming to you. First of all, it is a simple technique, explained here, and it is free. I know of no other technique that could have such a quick and lasting impact on your creativity.

We all agree that there are many types of intelligences: number, language, musical, kinesthetic, etc., and that we each come with our specific dosage of each type of intelligence.

But how much we have of each can be increased, and this technique CAN help you increase them, if that is something important to you. Too few scientific studies have been conducted on Image Streaming to put a number behind how much IQ points increase, but if you really want a number, maybe you could look at an increase of 10 to 20 IQ points on average. Read More