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Best Lunch Bag for Health and Convenience

Healthy nuts and dried fruit for a very convenient lunch bag

Healthy nuts and dried fruit for a very convenient lunch bag

Are you looking for very convenient yet healthy lunch options? I worked with a nutritionist about 5 years ago to address a number of deficiencies in my diet, and one of the outcomes was a simple plan for lunches: lots of nuts and dried fruits.

My girlfriend Lynn and I are big fans of these lunches, which we have used for the past 18 months, so much so as to feel like claiming that they make up the best lunch bag for health and convenience. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback about that!

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Having Guidance Principles: A Strategy to Find Yourself and Get Unstuck

I read yesterday an article reminding me about the importance of using principles for guidance. For example, money principles help you with realizing your money goals and getting out of vicious cycles. Similarly, an effective principle for bloggers is to write regularly, some even say daily. And for a website about creativity like this one, what could be better than using creativity techniques to get oneself unstuck?

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Online Piano Lessons for Adults: Year 4 (Part 6/6)

This is not a beginners course. Refer to Year 3 or the earlier lessons that started here.

The challenges of preparing the pieces for a concert led to a very long gap before returning for a next lesson.

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Advanced Piano Lessons Online: Year 3 (Part 5/6)

Here I continue my advanced piano lessons online with year 3. Please refer to earlier lessons as needed, starting here. The lessons were 90 minutes long.

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Intermediate Piano Lessons: Year 2 (Part 4/6)

Here I detail my second year of intermediate piano lessons. For the first year, start here.

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Creative Piano Teaching: Months 6 to 12 (Part 3/6)

This is the third article presenting my piano lessons over 4 years, please start with the first article. With many new pieces introduced in the last lessons, there are no new pieces before lesson 20.

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Creative Piano Techniques: The Next 4 Months (Part 2/6)

Here, I’m continuing the presentation of my piano lessons with the next 3 months, refer here to the first article.

Of course, this is quite a lot of material to learn, it is quite technical at times, and it’s something to be digested over the course of months. On a first read, you might only get to appreciate the nice music selection!

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Creative Piano Lessons: First Month from My Actual Syllabus Over 4 Years (Part 1/6)

In this article, I want to start to spell out the materials I covered over the past 4 years of creative piano lessons, starting from being a nearly complete beginner to reaching an intermediate level, and most importantly touching many genres of music, especially jazz and pop, but also classical and improvisation, and all the way to some heavy metal. I’ll only get to the first month here, but it already provides a lot of material for getting started!

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Erik Giasson, the Yogi of Wall Street: His Coaching Philosophies

When I learned 9 months ahead that my job was going to disappear on December 31, 2018, I chose Erik Giasson as a life and career coach, because I could relate to and was impressed by his life story. Like me, he had been an investment banker, but then turned towards “softer” endeavors by becoming a yoga teacher. Also, his website looked great, propped up by his good picture with Tony Robbins.

Whilst Erik Giasson studied with Tony Robbins, his coaching philosophies borrow from a variety of sources, making his contribution quite unique and valuable. I hired him under his 6-months package, which included each month one 90 minute in-person meeting at one of his yoga studios, one 30 minutes phone call, with each event followed by a summary email with homeworks.

I’m extracting here what are for me the essential elements of his teachings.

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How Do I Become a Scientist? [Important Considerations You Might Not Have Foreseen]

I have a PhD. As a first rule, you need a PhD to become a scientist.

What is a PhD? It is a Doctorate in Philosophy. A doctorate is an advanced degree. In the French language, the word “doctorate” sounds the same as “wise rat”. This is an apt description of what getting a PhD would do to you. Would you like to be known by all in heaven as a wise rat?¬†Great, then keep reading.

Why a doctorate in philosophy, of all topics? Why not a doctorate in video gaming, or simply in the science of computers, or whatever else you really want to know about? Aside from historical reasons, my main explanation for why it is in “philosophy” is because the holders of PhDs tend to flock together in that they have an interest at some level for deep questions regarding life, and a patience with looking for the answers. Does this sound like you?

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